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Why you need to comb your beard

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So you have endured the scratchy itchy stage of your beard and are starting to get some length.

This is where combing your beard comes in and I must say it's crucial to maintaining a healthy and good looking one at that. Before I dive into why you should let me tell you some of the key benefits.

1. It will aid in the prevention of ingrown hairs. These pesky guys are a result of your hair curling and growing down and under your skin. By combing them you'll have your hair growing in the right direction and avoiding becoming an ingrown.

2.Give you a fuller look and style. By combing your beard each day you'll train the hairs into the direction they should grow and by doing so giving your beard a fuller look and natural style.
3.If your planning on growing out your mustache as well it will benefit as mentioned above by training the hairs so you can keep them out of your mouth and again give it a natural style.
4.Combing your beard after you apply your best beard oil will help evenly disperse it over your hairs as your palms and fingers can only do so much. If you haven't started using beard oil grab yourself a bottle here.

Now let's get into how you're going to tackle your beard with your comb as I don't want you hacking away at what you have been putting all this time into.

Start by combing upwards and outwards this will untangled all of your hairs whilst pushing them out to aid in a fuller look. Now start combing downwards and style into your desired shape.

By combing your beard each day you're going to have more control of your beard, a style you desire, prevent those pesky ingrown hairs and have one mighty fine beard.

As always keep it groomed.

Corbin Parker


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