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What Could Be Harming Your Beard?

Welcome Bearded brothers, today i wanted to talk about some things that you could be doing that will be hurting you glorious facial fuzz. 

1. The pleasant beard-killer: Sauna's!

Many gyms from one city to another now have smartly desgined built in saunas and steam rooms on site. In fact there's nothing quite better than relaxing for a short time in sauna following on from a great workout. It helps open up those pores, and relax any strained muscles whilst granting the user to a relaxing, feel good vibe in the process. Sadly it can come at a cost to the wellbeing of our beards. As dry, heightened heat can cause havoc with our beloved facial hair, causing it to dry out, split and become brittle to the touch. If you have the option of a steam room rather than a sauna, I would rather recommend you use that instead, as this will give you the same as what a sauna will, without the drying out effect.

2. Over-fussing can cause all kinds of unwanted issues!

Ask many bearded gentlemen and you'll probably find most tend to pick, pluck and pull away at their beards, and probably without even realising that they are doing so. It is very easy to reach up and grab a few whiskers and give them a jolly good fumble for thought when you get bored or just need to pause for a moment. The problem here is you are probably stripping away any natural oil and moisture that helps protect your facial hair from the elements, including any product you may have added as well.

Obviously the simple fix here is to 'stop fussing!' but the bearded can relate this is much easier said than done. But if you do find yourself pulling away at your face fuzz through boredom or for any other reason for that matter, why not ask those around you at work or at home to correct you if they spot you doing it. This has worked a treat for me, and I rarely find myself pulling out the odd tangled knot or two like I once did before. It's an easy habit to make, and can prove a rather tricky one to break.

3. Letting your beard run wild can cause serious problems!

When a man decides to grow out his beard the chances are he fully intends to grow a rather large, impressive face full of manly whiskers. We often think just leaving things to their own accord will work out just fine in the end, but sadly this is not to be the case, and we do indeed need to take jolly good care of our beards, be them big, medium or small. If you choose to leave things to grow as wild as wild can be, you'll soon be the not so proud owner of a face packed with crazy, bushy wild whiskers that will prove a total nightmare to try and tame. So, take it from me, from the first week of growing begin to use beard oils and balms, and be smart and only use beard washes and conditioners that were desgined with your beard in mind. It is never too soon to do so either, despite what some people might think.


thanks for reading lads and if you have any questions you want answered or suggestions for future blogs be sure to drop a comment below.


As always Keep It Groomed. 


Corbin Parker


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