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Manly Skincare

Recently the men's grooming world has been blowing up!

The Modern man no longer shys away from looking after their skin as these days it's not so feminine to do so. Incorporating a daily skincare regime is key if you want to keep your mug looking sharper for longer.

Most of us guys wouldn't know where to start so we have put together the following guide to help you get grooming.

1. Cleanse

You're going to need to wash your face both morning and night to keep your skin fresh pores clean and dead skin out of sight. Parker For Men Foaming cleanser will do all of the above plus the active ingredients will defend against the aging process.

2. Moisturise

This is super important! Again you are going to do this both morning and night. After washing your face it can sometimes leave your skin dry, also you have buffed away all the dead skin cells from the surface so you want to pack in some moisture and keep your face baby bottom smooth. We don't have a moisturiser to plug but it's coming soon ;).

3. Mask

I guarantee you have seen a movie or comedy show where the husband is relaxing with some cucumber slices on his face with his feet up lying back on the couch. Well, this needs to be you a weekly mask will be so beneficial as these guys get deep into your pores to draw out any grime and toxins that you daily fash wash can't quite reach, and if you are a tradie of some sorts. I'd say you will benefit from an extra 1 or 2.  Parker For Men Kaolin Clay mask will do just that for you.

Keep It Groomed.

Corbin Parker.

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