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How To Prevent Razor Burn

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In most cases razor burn is preventable. Razor burn usually happens when you don't properly prepare your skin to get scraped with a razor.

If you would like to wave goodbye to razor burn, follow these tips below and you'll be on your way.

1. Preparation.

Warm the skin with hot water or a hot towel for even better results. This will soften the skin and hairs and open your pores for a smoother shave with less friction.

Apply a pre-shave oil, our customers have been known to use our beard oil and tell us it works a treat. A pre-shave oil will further soften the hair and condition your skin, whilst helping the blade to glide across the surface of your skin.

2. Use a clean razor

Ensure that you are using a clean razor preferably with three blades or even a single blade safety razor. I know we are lead to believe the more blades the better shave, which in fact isn't the case. The more blades that pass over your skin create even more irritation and which I'm sure you have experienced clog up with dead skin and hairs. 

3. Lather up your skin

We recommend using a badger brush to apply your shave cream, doing so in a circular motion against the grain of your hair. A badger brush will help to lift your facial hair priming it for shaving. If you're in need of a second go ensure you lather up again and rinse your razor in warm water, don't just attack your skin with the razor.

4. Post Shave

As we have opened up the pores with warm water and softened the hairs, now we want to bring your face back to a nice firm state. Splash your face with cold water and you can even use a cleanser to remove any excess dead skin and product that may be in your pores. Finish off applying an aftershave balm to nourish and protect your skin as it rebounds from the shave.


Keep it groomed 

Corbin Parker


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