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How to make a curly beard straight.

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Curly, unruly beard hair is a pretty common beard problem that's usually caused by over dryness or genetics.

When our hair is dry and damaged, it usually stiffens and curls. So if you want a straighter beard, you need to treat the dryness and as mentioned it may just be how your hair is.



Shampoo your beard, but be sure to only wash it 1-2 times a week as that's all it needs. Unless your line of work has you and your beard in contact with dirt and grime on a daily basis.

And when you do shampoo it, be sure to use a beard wash not hair shampoo as they are two very different types of hair.

After showering, dispense a few drops of beard oil into your hands and gently rub into your damp beard. Try to get the oil close to your skin so that the skin underneath is being moisturized as well.


After applying your beard oil, set your hair dryer on low (tip: using a cooler temperature setting will be much less damaging on your beard) and gently comb through your beard, pulling the hair straight as you follow with the dryer.

To hold the style in place and encourage your beard to be even straighter, rub a small amount of beard balm into your hands and gently rub the balm downwards through your beard.


While you may think using a hair straightener would be a good idea and also very tempting, we strongly recommend not using one as the heat is just too damaging and won't do your beard any favors.


If you follow the steps above regularly you'll be on your way to straighter beard hair that you can possibly have without damaging your man mane you've worked so hard on.

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Corbin Parker


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