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How to get a softer beard.

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Now whether your a Bearded Veteran or just starting out I have something that will put an end to scratchy scruff split ends and pesky ingrown hairs. Whilst softening and deeply conditioning your beard.

The secret, a hot beard oil treatment. Now, this treatment is best done on a beard length of two inches or more anything smaller a daily application of Beard Oil will suffice.
You will need Beard Oil 15ml worth, which is half of most Beard oil bottles and hot water (not boiling). Take your beard Oil bottle and submerge in a bowl of hot water for one minute. Once a minute has passed remove from water and massage 15ml of the oil into your beard. Use a comb to disperse the oil evenly. Allow to soak for two minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Repeat this once weekly for a soft, hydrated, healthy beard and skin beneath. While you're at it why not do your Parker For Men Charcoal mask and you're ready to go for the week.

Try the best beard oil.

Corbin Parker

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