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How To Blow Dry Your Beard

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Pre-blow dry

When blow-drying your beard, take into consideration the length of your hair. If it is on the shorter side you may not even need to blow dry it. If it is not long enough to even get a comb through a towel dry will suffice.

If your beard is longer,  it can help tame those unruly strands that tend to get out of control and help to style your beard. Your first step after washing your beard will be to dry it about 70-80% of the way. No need to rub it vigorously with a towel as this may contribute to damage and frizz, just gently pat dry and squeeze the moisture out of your beard and then allow it to air dry the rest of the way.  After the hair has dried to the damp stage, you’ll want to use some beard oil to nourish and provide protection.

Blow drying

Using a beard comb preferably a wide-toothed comb, you will want to gently comb your beard and make sure it is free of any tangles or knots. Ensure the blow dryer is on the coldest air setting, either by using a switch or dial on the actual machine or by pressing and holding down a button. Never use hot air on your beard as it'll damage your beard! You will want to have it at least six inches from your face at all times, using one hand to blow dry you will use a comb in the other hand to section and comb through the hair as you follow the comb with the blow dryer, pointed down, through the length of your hair.

You want to ensure you use a good quality comb that won’t cause breakage, and take care, not to over dry the hair. Once it is finished you should be left with a sleek, styled beard. Finish off with some smoothing beard oil and beard balm and you’re done!

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