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Grey Beard

Getting your first grey beard hair is a legitimate fear amongst bearded fellows.
I often get asked how is your beard so black!
And I always reply it's just my genetics, no dying here mate. 
I have friends who color theirs, most of them have a few stray colors that are different from the rest of their beard or their age is showing and the old silvers are starting to show.
I like to call these wisdom whiskers ;)

You may have guessed it but yes these wisdom whiskers are now invading my once glorious jet black beard.
Now you're probably thinking to get to dying but it's quite the opposite.
I will be embracing these wisdom whiskers for all their glory!
You see, I'm extremely confident with who I am and don't need to hide the fact I'm getting greys. Shit, I'm already going bald but that's for another time.
If you are one of my fellow bearded brothers who are worried about grey beard hairs or the odd few that don't match the rest, by all means, fucking dye your beard.
But I'm here to let you know you don't fucking need to!
Just own what you have and be proud of it we are all meant to be different and I know I will be fucking embracing my quirks, and so should you!
Also if you haven't already grab your beard a bottle of beard oil, he will love you for it.

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