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Beards Aren't Dead

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I remember about two years ago when beards became fashionable again and were trending all over the internet in particular instagram and there was all this talk that its just a fad and it won't last and that beard care will disappear.


I'm hear to set it straight and that beards and all the amazing beard oils and balms are here to stay. You see guys have been sporting beards forever, yes some corporate companies may be against them but that doesn't mean every man was clean shaven.


Back in 1990 the first World Beard and Moustache Championship was held in Germany and has been growing ever since pun intended. So you see the culture around beards isn't a new thing for hipsters its just thanks to the beauty of social media these magnificent man manes have been able to be shared with the world.


It seems like every week i'm coming across a new beard care brand.The market has also soared to make up 5 billion of the 60 billion dollars men's grooming industry. From what i can see beards, beard oils and beard balms are definitely here to stay, yes the hype may have died down but its sure didn't have all these men shaving there beards that they have put all this time into growing.

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Keep It Groomed

Corbin Parker

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