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5 Tips To Get A Barbershop Shave

Shaving tipsThere's a good reason for that regular visit to your barbershop for that smooth shave. But you don't have to book an appointment all the time, when in fact you can achieve it at home.

Grab your shaving gear and let's get into it.

1. Shave Oil

After showering rub on some shave oil. This will soften the facial hair and provide extra glide for the razer.

2. Shaving Cream or Shave Soap

Whichever your preference apply your cream or soap, applying with a badger shaving brush. The brush will help to lift the facial hair, resulting in a closer shave.

3. Shave

USe smooth strokes, ensuring you only make two passes over an area. Also, change your razor blade every three to five shaves.

4. Rinse

When rinsing, do so with cold water. This will remove excess product and close the pores, minimizing redness and irritation.

5. Aftershave gel or balm

Apply an Aftershave Gel or Balm to soothe the skin and most come with a nice manly scent.


Follow these 5 tips and take your at home shave to a barbershop level.

Keep It Groomed,

Corbin Parker


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